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Savannah Visitor Center is the main information center for tourists arriving and exploring Savannah. Many signs with directions to this place can be found in the principal highway entrances to the city and around Savannah’s Historic District.

Even though the main entrance is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, most of the tourists arrive to the building through the side entrance, due to the parking and popular trolley tours stops located in that side of the property, generating many painpoints in their experience engaging with the Visitor Center.

This project explored how tourists interacted with the space through primary research, to ideate and test prototypes during a one-week sprint.



Research Plan

Observations & Insights

Cultural Probe

Cultural Probe

Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint & Pain Point Analysis


Ideation & Concept Development

Based on the insights collected during research, ideation sessions were conducted to gather inspiration to improve the areas of the journey that presented painpoints: Wayfinding, Accessibility, App & Website, Displays, Added Facilities, Gift Shop Strategies , Digital Information Screens, and Space Planning.

The main ideas were contrasted by ratings on 3 main qualities: User Experience, Implement Prototype, Business value

Prototype Development

Prototype Development & Testing

The ideas selected were subjected to fast prototyping to user test, and refine the ideas for the final recommendations to be included in the pilot planning.

Pilot Plan

Pilot Plan

The final deliverable of this project was to plan a pilot deployment, with specific milestones and metrics to measure the new design performance, and how this new efficiency in how people navigate the space might relieve stress from staff and ultimately increase revenue from increased idle time in the building.

Hope you enjoyed this project! 

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