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A Bit About Me

I'm a UX & Service Designer with a passion for creating innovative and human-centered services that make people's lives better and drive business results. Practicing Design Thinking, and Human-Centered Design since 2017. With my previous, professional experience as an experience designer for a retail brand, I carry the knowledge to design physical spaces that are both immersive and engaging. But my real superpower is my ability to understand the needs and wants of the user and design services that meet those needs. By working closely with users, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams, we aim to create services that are intuitive, efficient, and effective.

When I'm not designing services, you can find me trying new recipes in the kitchen, dancing to my favorite songs or exploring new places. I am a huge fan of music, and I believe that music and service design have a lot in common. Both are about creating experiences that connect people to something bigger and more meaningful.

I am also a firm believer in the power of a good cup of coffee and a good laugh. I know that a little bit of humor can go a long way in making the UX & service design process more enjoyable for everyone involved. So, if you're looking for someone who can design a service that will make you smile, I'm your person!

My Unique Value Proposition

My training in Interior Design brings unique value to UX & service design by approaching the design process with a focus on creating immersive and engaging service environments that support and enhance the overall service experience. Some of the unique value that I can bring to service design include:


Understanding of physical spaces

A deep understanding of how physical spaces can be designed to create specific moods, emotions, and experiences. This knowledge can be applied to service design to create a physical environment that supports and enhances the overall service experience.


Human-centered approach

Trained to design spaces that are tailored to the needs and wants of the user. This human-centered approach can be applied to UX & service design to create service touchpoints that are intuitive and easy to use.


Attention to detail

Pays attention to small details in order to create seamless experiences for the user. This attention to detail can be applied to UX & service design to create a cohesive and polished overall service experience.



A creative approach to designing spaces and experiences that are engaging and immersive. This creativity can be applied to UX & service design to create innovative and unique service experiences.


Understanding of materials and technology

A deep understanding of how different materials and technologies can be used to create specific moods and experiences. This knowledge can be applied to UX & service design to create unique and engaging service experiences.


Collaboration skills

Ability to work closely with a cross-functional teams to design spaces and experiences. This collaboration skill can be applied to UX & service design to work with a cross-functional team to create a seamless and cohesive overall service experience.

Awards & Acheivements


Design Research & Insight Translation

The credential was achieved through SCAD's 'Methods of Contextual Research' course. 


International Student Scholarship
Savannah College of Art & Design

This scholarship was awarded during my enrollment in Service Design program at Savannah College of Art and Design.


Transpose - Kinetic Pop-up Structure

Developed a life-size kinetic system designed to deploy and transport. This project was recognized and registered as an Intellectual Property (IP) by the University under the initiative of the Strategic Initiatives Office (SIO).


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